Mestre & Mestre Spa Consulting firm is considered as the most serious and most important SPA consulting company in Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America. 

Mestre & Mestre is a team led by Diana F. Mestre and Diana Mestre Jr. with a history of more than 25 years of experience and a portfolio with over 50 Spas of prestigious companies. Both have collaborated in the creation  and publication of the luxurious book Harmony +Serenity +Balance Spectacular Spas of Mexico by GYA Editors.

iana Mestre graduated in Business Administration obtained a   certificate of Spa Management form Technologic de Monterrey acquiring a broad knowledge and experience  on spa management, spa development, star up operations, spa design, treatment,  product and equipment selection. She contributes  with  prestigious  Spa review publications.

Diana F. Mestre graduate of a California State University with a SCL BA in Medical Biology and earned a diploma in Quality and Global Competitiveness with University of San Diego, California. Has conducted numerous conferences for SECTUR on the topic and   gave a Spa Management, Spa Design, Spa administration  certification course organized by The Technologic University of Monterrey. 

The company's mission is to work and contribute to the development of excellence for the Spa Industry, development of unique spa experiences, spaces, and protocols and rituals inspired by indigenous wisdom helping and enforcing international standards.
The company Mestre & Mestre has created a successful team to develop world-class spas from concept to operation, with a vision of a successful, well operated and   profitable business that delivers an exclusive, impeccable and highly personalized Spa Experience. 

Advantages and Opportunities working with  Mestre & Mestre.
  • Over 25 years in the Spa  industry experience.
  • Development of 50 World Class Spa with prestigious hotel chains. 
  • Knowledge of the Mexican and Latin America market. 
  •  Knowledge of American consumer market and spa user.
  • Database and updated information about major Spa projects. 
  •  In-depth knowledge of the hotel industry. 
  • Continued support through the Internet during consulting phase and three months after completion. 
  •  Business focus   to achieve a profitable Spa.
  • Ongoing track record  of successful operations Spas
  • International awards for various spa designs and development 


Polanco, México D.F., Tel: + 52 (55) 5282-3680, Cel: +52 (55) 1798-2567,  Email: info@mestre-spa-mestre.com